Windsor: Happy Hour Report Card
Nicole Smith

Windsor: Happy Hour Report Card

The Spot: Windsor, 5223 N. Central Ave., Phoenix, 602-279-1111.

The Hours: 11 am- 5 pm, daily.

The Details: Though this happy hour is limited to booze, $5 goes a very long way at Windsor. Enjoy pitchers of beer, wine on tap, AND their kick ass signature cocktails for just $5, before 5 pm.

(Hint: Friend Windsor on facebook and look out for occasional secret code words for free stuff.)

(Windsor gets carded, after the jump.)

Windsor: Happy Hour Report Card
Nicole Smith

The Interior: Stylish and cozy decor make a chill hangout for any age range, and we wouldn't expect much less from the DeMarco crew. During our visit, the clientele ranged anywhere from the stroller set to old folk, with a lot of style in between. Our server was lovely-- very fun and full of menu insight. 

The Cost: One pitcher of Hoegarrden, one No. 29 cocktail, one appetizer and a side of mac n cheese, came out to $19, before tax and tip.

Nicole Smith

The Conclusion: Quality discounts on quality booze doesn't get much better than this. Though we were a bit bummed to find there were no discounts on food items, Windsor's bar snack and appetizer prices are rather affordable to begin with. But with a list of cocktails this progressive, innovative, and delicious, offered at $5 only, we almost forgot we were hungry. 

Our Corn Dog Poppers were the perfect accompaniment to a midday pitcher of Hoegarrden, and reasonably priced at $6. 

Our happy hour afternoon spent at Windsor was fun, buzz-inducing, delicious and affordable.

Overall Grade: B


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