WTF? KFC Offers Free Doublicious Sandwiches to "Two-Timing" Employees of Competition, Will Offer "Sandwich Amnesty"

On Tuesday, July 20, KFC will offer free Doublicious sandwiches to the first 10 uniform-clad associates of a competitive fast food restaurant who visit participating KFC's -- up to 50,000 free sandwiches for folks the Colonel calls "two-timing employees." KFC will also offer "Sandwich Amnesty" (a.k.a. a job application) if they lose their jobs for supporting the sandwich.

What? No. Why? Maybe someone can explain this one to me. This Fry Girl's fuddled.

KFC targeting employees of the fast-food competition? Do its shameless promotions (see the Double Down) know no limits? As it stands, fast-food employees, including the Colonel's, are overworked, underpaid, and are probably eating more than enough free fast-food fare. Now KFC is hoping to "catch them in the act," by giving away its too-much-sauce-tasteless-cheese-half-a-Double-Down-with-bread sandwich, with the "promise" of a job application if they're busted. Wow, what a selfless act of kindness. How 'bout we leave these folks alone.

What's the Kentucky Fried angle here? Some sort of bizarre recruiting effort? A new commercial? The fact that any time they attempt to give free new fare to the public it usually results in store chaos, unhappy customers, and rain-checks-a-go-go?

Help a Fry Girl out with this chicken twister and post your comments below.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.