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Your Favorite Fast Food Chain Probably Has a Clothing Line Now

So you say you like fast food, but how much do you really like fast food? As in: Are you dedicated enough to your favorite drive-through chain to rock clothing designed by a fast food joint?

Because it’s one thing to have a t-shirt with a chain’s logo or an “I’m Lovin’ It” slogan, but it’s another to be decked out head to toe in clothing based on burgers or pizza. And regardless of how you’d feel about that prospect, now it's something you can totally do if you want to.

McDonald’s made news in the fashion world back in March when they opened the Big Mac Shop, which sells a variety of items covered in a repetitive print of their most famous sandwich. But what really got the attention of many clothing fans, blogs, and publications was that the apparel looked no worse than much of the high-end streetwear people spend hundreds of dollars on. The Big Mac raincoat, board shorts, and thermals could be designed by a burger-loving fashion icon, and people would likely appreciate them almost anywhere if worn appropriately.

And Taco Bell’s been selling stuff through the Live Mas Store for years, but that’s more because the chain's a consistent trendsetter in fast food branding than anything else. Aside from t-shirts and hoodies professing love for the Bell, you can get everything from phone cases and ear bud holders to rings and sunglasses. There’s enough variety to make the high school stoner in you create an entire Christmas list, but how many Hot Sauce Packet Beach Towels can they really sell each summer?

Most recently, Pizza Hut joined the fashion arena with their Pizza Hut Swag (pronounced to the tune of Soulja Boy Tell’em’s “Pretty Boy Swag,” we presume) store in mid-December. For those who really want to choose a side in the national cheap pizza chain war, you can deck yourself out in everything from pizza-themed leggings and tank tops to a pepperoni scarf and pizza-themed sunglasses. In all honesty though, their longboard is pretty sweet (not $180 sweet, but still sweet nonetheless) and we’d probably rock the hoodie that says “Pizza is Bae” in big letters.

Not to be outdone, Burger King opened up a Whopper Shop of their own. But the King didn’t take it quite as far as some of their competitors, merely offering some golf and office supplies with the BK logo. Nothing quite as ridiculous as some of the other chains, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Of course, all of these fast food clothing options beg the question, "What’s worth wearing?" It’s a question we can’t answer for you, although the McDonald’s print seems like something that’s wearable whether you’re taking it seriously or not. Frankly, it seems gratuitous and ridiculous that so many late-night drunk food chains are getting into the fringes of the clothing game, but at least some of them seem to be doing a good job with it.

Who knows? Maybe Kanye will show up somewhere in a Wendy’s shirt next week and it’ll launch the biggest burger-based clothing line of all time.
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