Glendale Teen Shooter's Suicide Notes, Crime Scene Photos, Released by Police

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Glendale Police Department
The Glendale Police Department today released part of a police report on the tragic, February 12 murder-suicide at Glendale's Independence High School, involving two 15 year-old female students, Dorothy Dutiel and May Kieu.

Suicide notes, apparently from the alleged shooter Dutiel, were released with the report along with a compact disc of crime scene photos. The notes delve into the nature of the girls' romantic relationship, which also is evidenced by photos of the young lovers together on Instagram and Twitter

Interestingly, one letter states that a fellow student provided the gun used in the crime, but this person was "in no way affiliated with my actions," because the author of the note "lied to get this gun," claiming she needed it for "self-defense."

Glendale police also announced today that they have submitted felony charges to the county attorney on the 15 year-old boy who allegedly provided the 9mm Beretta to the shooter, despite the parents of the two girls not wanting the boy charged.