Journey, Foreigner, and Night Ranger in Photos

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In all my years attending concerts at this pavilion (under its myriad names), I've never seen traffic like what we waded through before the Foreigner/Journey concert. Cars were still backed up and blocking the intersection at 83rd Avenue and McDowell an hour after the concert started. The upside of this surprising throng (who knew two bands who peaked in the '80s could still draw such a massive audience?) was this dude who flashed his man-boobs at the long queue of cars waiting to pull into the AFHSP. Dressed in cut-off jean shorts, a purple cut off T-shirt that read "I'm with the band," and sporting an orange and yellow ascot, mountain man beard, and big cop sunglasses, he danced around and yelled indecipherable things. I'm not sure if it was meant to be ironic, but it was freaking hilarious...full story