The Offspring at Mesa Amphitheatre

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The Offspring hosted the 2014 Punk Rock Summer Nationals Tour at Mesa Amphitheatre on Friday with Pennywise, Bad Religion, and Stiff Little Fingers. The sold out show brought a crowd that was amped and ready to rock.

All the way from Belfast, Ireland, Stiff Little Fingers warmed up the crowd, and were ready to make way for a night of moshing and good times. Pennywise followed, with an electrifying performance which only fueled the crowd even more. Making a guest appearance during their set, our very own Jason DeVore of Authority Zero came out to cover “Minor Threat”.

Hungry for more, Bad Religion took the stage and thirty-five years later, they’re still rocking out. They took us into back into the 20th Century and played hits from all over their catalog. When the crowd heard that distinct drumbeat and delayed vocals of “Sorrow”, they went crazy, throwing their hands in the air and singing along.

By the time Bad Religion exited the stage, everyone had packed in as close to the barricade as possible in anticipation of The Offspring’s arrival. Inside the Amphitheatre, the sweltering Arizona heat could not be kept at bay, and there was a surprising, calm silence. Finally, singer Dexter Holland, with everyone in tow, could be seen taking their platforms through the blue and white stage lights. Opening with “Nitro (Youth Energy)”, the audience went wild. Moshing ensued, and the night continued on. Continuing with hits like, “Gotta Get Away”, “Why Don’t You Get A Job?, “Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)”; They finally finished out their set and ended evening with “The Kids Aren’t Alright”, making for a night to remember.

Photos by Melina Dellamarggio