11 Reasons to Love Summer in Arizona

Bemoan the sweltering heat, requisite sunburns, and incessantly blazing sunshine all you want. There's plenty to love about Arizona in the summertime. The season officially arrives Friday, June 21, and here are 11 reasons we love it.

Monsoons As the mid-summer clouds begin to form and the winds kick up, Phoenix's signature storm season means some mild relief from the heat. The fantastic lightning shows are a photographer's dream, and we're partial to the random torrential downpours that would be a bummer in most other climates. Leave it to desert dwellers to get psyched about rain. After a couple months of 100-plus temps, monsoon season is nature's cure for summer burnout. So soak it in; you've earned it.

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Salt River Tubing Contrary to popular belief, Salt River Tubing isn't just for drunken college kids (but if you're into that, bring marshmallows). Pro tip: If you go on a weekday, right when the park opens at 9 a.m., you'll get to enjoy the natural landscape in relative solitude.

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11 Reasons to Love Summer in Arizona
Katie Warren/Arizona Diamondbacks

Chase Field's Roof Even when it's smoldering outside, Diamondbacks fans don't have to sweat it out while catching a game, thanks to Chase Field's 9 million pound retractable steel roof. At Chase, hats have become a summer fashion statement rather than a necessity since most 100-plus-degree days mean they've shut that baby and are blasting much-needed air conditioning. For those seated in the upper levels, the blowing air can make it downright cold.

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