Children of Bodom

The kiss of death when describing a blind date is that he/she/it has a "great personality." The kiss of death when describing a band is that it has "great musicianship." Working twixt both extremes are these Finnish black metal pushers — great personalities fermenting beneath a mulch field of great musicianship. Children of Bodom have uncorrected prog rock tendencies like lightning-fast guitar and keyboard noodling that you could mistake for Premiata Forneria Marconi if vocalist Alexi Laiho didn't then take the low road and belch underneath like McGruff the Crime Dog on a bender. Any band that covers the Ramones' "Somebody Put Something in My Drink," Europe's "The Final Countdown," and Britney's "Oops I Did It Again" is pretty much running the gamut of human potential as we know it, but Bodom's "Oops" actually improves on an American classic by adding a heartwarming Finnish spoken word section where keyboardist Janne Wirman gives Laiho a six-pack of beer. Here's the English translation:

Alexi: "Ohh, this wasn't necessary, my friend . . . and besides, we are having some hooch here . . ."

Janne: "I know, but this is for tomorrow morning!"


Children of Bodom

Marquee Theatre in Tempe

scheduled to perform on Wednesday, December 6


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