Rainer Maria, and Ambulette

A show combining two of the most talented female singers in contemporary indie rock is like an oasis in a musical desert devoid of the second sex. Brooklyn trio Rainer Maria, fresh from the release of a new album, Catastrophe Keeps Us Together, combines slow, atmospheric instrumentals with singer Caithlin De Marrais' poetic lyrics and sweet, aching vocals. Ambulette, meanwhile, hosts powerhouse singer Maura Davis, formerly the front woman of the beloved indie rock group Denali, who wails with an opera-trained voice that hits enough emotional highs and lows to warrant a lithium prescription. Ambulette, which recently signed to Capitol Records, is touring in support of a one-off EP on Astralwerks, but is sure to be testing out material from its forthcoming full-length. Both groups bring a sense of dynamic passion to their live shows, reminding us that it's not the gender of the singer that matters -- it's the talent and driving force behind the music.


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