The Earps @ Marquee Theatre

Locally, The Earps are a familiar name, but the past couple years, have been something of a transition period for the "whateverbilly" band. Gigs have been somewhat sparse, and the group nearly disbanded after five committed years. "Everything we wanted to do we accomplished," says guitarist/vocalist Kevin "Hotwheels" McGregor. "We [worked hard] for about three to five years." But with the addition of new bassist and "natural fit" Tommy "Arkansas" Stuart, The Earps are revving up their engines again, having already written a couple of new songs. "We got a little stagnant there, but with Tom, we're getting back into it," McGregor adds. The band is known for its disparate blend of '80s rock, country, honky-tonk, punk, rockabilly, and vintage rock 'n' roll, dubbed "whateverbilly" by McGregor. "We're kind of like the red-headed stepchild. We're tolerated but not within the immediate family," he says. "With the material we have, it's kind of like an eclectic Americana." If you can picture Buck Owens with Slash as a Buckaroo, you're on the right track. If not, best witness The Earps live. The experience probably won't provide the definitive stylistic answer, but it'll be a hell of a good time.


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