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10 Good, Bad, and Downright Bizarre Casts that Almost Made it to the Big Screen

Long before there were YouTube reaction videos (and we all had to find someone to surprise in our own time), there was nothing quite like sharing the fun fact that Christopher Walken auditioned for the role of Han Solo. The reaction is complex: laughter, disbelief, confusion, this desperate need to hold onto the sense that something so absurd could not be real.

But casting back stories are often absurd: You may think when you watch your favorite film that they got everything right, but read the behind-the-scenes notes and you'll discover a lot of wrongs. Sometimes it was the right person but the wrong role. Sometimes it was Nicolas Cage.

Here are 10 of the best, worst, and strangest casts that very nearly came to a theater near you:

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Amanda Kehrberg
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