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11 Hottest Halloween Costume Trends for 2014

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Quick question: If you could be anything for Halloween this year -- and we mean anything -- what would you choose? And forget about doing the pirate, vampire, or steampunk thing yet again. Ditto for Miley Cyrus, Walter White, or Daft Punk. Those are sooo 2013.

Since Halloween is essentially wish fulfillment writ large, perhaps you could become some of the larger-than-life heroes and villains you've seen on television or the big screen recently, especially if you've got a surplus amount of cash, craftiness, and cosplay savvy to make such a fantasy a reality (or at least a few geek friends willing to help). One thing that's inevitably in short supply, however, is time, as there's exactly a month to go until Halloween.

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And if you're coming up short in the idea department when coming up with a fantastic costume that's sure to impress friends and win a few contests, we're only happy to help with a list of possibilities hewn from what's trending. Besides hitting up the Internets, we got advice from some experts knowledgable in what's hot for Halloween this year: the costume-slingers at such locally owned stores as Arizona Fun Services in Tempe, Mardi Gras Costume Shop in Scottsdale, Groovy Ghoulies in Mesa, and (of course) Easley's Fun Shop.

Consider the following 11 suggestions as possible options or inspiration for helping conjure a killer costume for Halloween 2014.

Jasmine Tridevil

Like most online curiosities, Jasmine Tridevil (a.k.a. the "triple-breasted woman") rose to Internet infamy in the span of only hours, only to crawl back into obscurity just as quickly. However, the 21-year-old Florida resident, who claimed she'd had a third breast surgically grafted onto her chest, stayed around long enough to get her story debunked by Snopes and to inspire a few snarky and crafty costumers.

Since yesterday's Facebook trainwrecks often become tomorrow's snarky Halloween costumes, there are already a few tutorials online on how to craft your own Jasmine Tridevil getup, breasts and all. Be warned, however, you're gonna get zinged by endless Total Recall jokes.

Let's Be Cops

The police are going to be out in force during over Halloweekend, and it won't be just actual law enforcement officials keeping drunks off the road. Faux fuzz are in abundance and wildly popular during the holiday, including those of a (big surprise) sexed-up variety, like "Deputy Patdown," "Cop O'Feely," "SWAT Bombshell," and the "Naughty Sheriff." There are actually men's costumes, too, and you'll be seeing more of 'em this year thanks to the lowbrow comedy Let's Be Cops.

That's because the film about two deadbeat jokers dressing up in police officer costumes for a party has helped up sales of said uniform at Halloween-oriented businesses for those eager to. . . um, dress up as cops for a few nights of partying. It's a case of life imitating art imitating life.

Iggy Azalea

Thanks to this blockbuster pop star's voluminous wardrobe, endless fashion tastes, and wide variety of sassy outfits seen in music videos and concert appearances, there is no shortage of ways in which you can mimic Iggy Azalea and her eye-catching couture. Or even mimic her mimicking others, for that matter. Setting aside her homage to Alicia Silverstone and the girls of Clueless, she also did a great send-up of Cruella DeVille and rocked a skintight black catsuit better than Scarlett Johansson in the video for her song "Black Widow."

If you'd rather be Azalea being herself, recreating her famous palm tree body suit, plaid cheerleading outfit from the Billboard Awards, or that slinky gold number from this year's VMAs. Whatever route you choose, make sure its flashy or bedazzled to over-the-top proportions. She'd expect nothing less.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

This summer's big-screen update of the Ninja Turtles was unequivocally awful. Yeah, we know it raked in $342 million worldwide, but you don't need to be as wizened as Master Splinter to realize that box office success isn't always commensurate with quality cinema. Its one saving grace, however, is that it re-ignited interest in the franchise, especially the beloved '80s cartoon. Hence the reason why there's old school Ninja Turtle everything for sale at costume stores, from plastic nunchuks and color-coded masks to sexy versions for the ladies (natch). You can even get some TMNT panties, if needed.


This reimagining of Sleeping Beauty's chief villainess was another example of summertime cinema that overhyped and underwhelmed, but not because of anything to do with Angelina Jolie's acting talents or her gorgeously magnificent costuming and gowns. Those who want to be as captivating as the twisted fairy queen have a few different avenues and price points: a custom-sewn and lavishly appointed version that's available online could run you as much as $200 or $300 with accesories, while the more affordably priced off-the-shelf version at most stores goes for around $50-$75. Sadly, neither option includes the ability to transform into that ferocious-looking dragon from the climax of the original Sleeping Beauty.

Sons of Anarchy

The FX Network's bloody biker drama is going for one last ride this fall before motoring into the sunset, and, as such, is more popular than ever, despite slaughtering a couple of its biggest characters last season. So expect to spot plenty of wanna-be SAMCRO members flying colors or dressing as Jax, Bobby Elvis, or Chibbs over All Hallows Eve. Then again, they might be actual bikers, which means you should probably refrain from asking about their old lady or if they offed anyone to earn any of their patches.

American Horror Story

Speaking of hit FX shows, there's also a bit of fervor over the soon-to-debut American Horror Story: Freak Show, the latest edition of its hit anthology series. The folks at Easley's, which is sort of a bizarre carnival unto itself, can attest to that, as customers have been "very interested" in costumes and accessories of a sideshow or circus-like nature. Ditto for anything that portrays characters from such previous seasons as Asylum and Coven, whether it means straightjackets, the full-on habits worn by Sister Mary Eunice and the other nuns of the Briarcliff Mental Institution, or some funky beads or a skull to make a rendition of voodoo queen Marie Laveau look even more haunting.

The Walking Dead

The zombie trend, if you can pardon the pun, is never going to die. At least, not while The Walking Dead is still nabbing millions of viewers on AMC. According to Groovy Ghoulies co-owner Larry Horn, the show's success is one of reasons why the undead have consistently been one of the favorite choices each Halloween. But while we've seen plenty of spot-on Rick Grimes and Michonne clones pretending to waste Walkers each year, it's sometimes easier to go as a member of the undead. "Not everyone wants to dress like a character, they just want to be zombies," he says. "That way you can just put on gory stuff and have fun."

Guardians of the Galaxy

Anyone blown away by Guardians of the Galaxy this summer probably walked out of their local multiplex wishing they could be as big a badass as any of the intergalactic misfits making up the ragtag bunch, if only for a second. We're betting that many will get to live out this fantasy for Halloween expect to see many doppelgangers of Star-Lord, Drax the Destroyer, Gamora, and the rest prowling around various balls, masquerades, and parties around October 31, either rolling solo or as a group. A vintage Walkman, awesome '70s mixtape, and life-sized version of The Milano, however, are all optional.

Game of Thrones

M'athchomaroon, noble chomak! If thine desires to reign over Halloween as the fearsome Dothraki khal known as Drogo, you can score both his wicked-looking curved Arakh weapon and manly jet-black beard and mane (since there isn't time to grow one of your own) at most costume shops. Ditto for gear and garb worn by many of the rogues and royalty of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros -- including the heroic Jon Snow, the despicable King Joffrey, or the viciously sociopathic Cersei Lannister. But please refrain from reenacting the notorious "Red Wedding" massacre (spoiler!) at whatever party you attend.


As its legion of school-aged fan would attest, Frozen is huge. Phenomenally huge. So huge, in fact, that its animated heroines Elsa and Anna are not only on a twice-daily rotation on your Netflix or plastered all over your kids' clothing, backpacks, and lunchboxes but they're also the newest castmembers of the live-action ABC fairytale Once Upon A Time.

Suffice it to say, Frozen costumes are a hot item both for children and adults alike and a hard thing for retailers to keep in stock. "Yeah, you could say that Frozen has been a big thing for girls," says Easley's employee Whitney Valencia. But if everything's sold out when you go hunting for the perfect ice princess gown, consider going the DIY route or hitting up Etsy.

And to the surprise of no one, the trend-watchers at Yandy attempted to get a piece of the action by debuting some sexy getups inspired by Anna, Elsa, and even Olaf the Snowman (which, while being all kinds of wrong, sort of dovetailed with that profanely hilarious Frozen parody video). Well, up until the last few days, that is, as Yandy's website no longer lists the costumes, perhaps due to a Disney smackdown. But don't let that stop you from doing your own scandalous or vamped-up versions of the Snow Queen. But don't go anywhere near the kiddies if you do.

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