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25 Reasons We're Thankful to Live in Phoenix

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Sometimes we get so caught up in how we'd like to change Phoenix that we forget how good we have it. Since we haven't yet been trampled by overeager shoppers during Black Friday or unable to squish into skinny jeans because pie, we're feeling pretty good. Thankful, even.

So we decided to compile a list of reasons why. And here they are: 25 reasons we're thankful to live in Phoenix right now. Because, come Saturday, we'll probably be the crankiest Sues this city's seen in a while.

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25. Folks in other time zones have to deal with all that spring forward fall back baloney. Not us.

24. There's always a party going on, even on Thanksgiving.

23. Being landlocked, we're free of major natural disasters like earthquakes and hurricanes.

22. If/when California falls off the continent, we'll have prime ocean front property.

21. We have great neighborhoods.

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20. Residents who aren't looking to buy a home will find some of the country's best rental properties.

19. It really is a dry heat. And that keeps our vintage rides rolling rust-free.

18. We'll never forget our statehood anniversary, because it falls on Valentine's Day.

17. Arizona's nerds are not messing around. Attendance at Phoenix Comicon 2013 topped 55,000.

16. This season the Phoenix Coyotes had one of their best starts in the franchise's history.

15. Our vintage scene is so solid, we made it the theme of Best of Phoenix ® 2013.

14. Home to plenty of resorts and boutique hotels, staycations are hard to pass up.

13. We have world-class shopping, thanks to Barneys, Prada, and Saks Fifth Avenue, among others.

12. But our locally owned shops and boutiques give them a serious run for their designer duds.

11. Our politicians ensure lively headlines.

10. There's plenty to keep fitness buffs busy, from rugged hiking to boutique fitness studios.

9. The Light Rail is expanding and full of, ahem, ninjas.

8. We're home to the world's one and only Last Chance.

7. Thanks to heated pools, we can swim year-round (and usually in sunshine).

6. We may not get legit snowfall, but "graupel" is more fun to say anyway.

5. Despite said lack of snow, we have indoor and outdoor options when it comes to ice skating.

4. Plus, if we really want to see snowflakes, we can drive a few hours north.

3. The Phoenix Suns have been surprisingly watchable this season.

2. We have museums for pop culture, science, art, dinosaurs, musical instruments, and Native American culture.

1. While our Valley is sprawling, it's also rich with architecture worth preserving. Successful case in point: the David and Gladys Wright House.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.