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30: David Quan

30: David Quan
David Quan
's an illustrator and fine artist who will tell you that he's been in Phoenix his entire life -- save the two years he was in New York studying cartooning and illustration. He admits that his ultimate goal is to sit at home and make comic books with his cats and ladyfriend.

This past year, he's been busy painting carnival rides in Chandler and contributing illustrations to local publications. He also just completed a comic book for a theatrical zombie band, The Sunset Rider and the Skeleton Army. "Those assholes still owe me $800," Quan says.

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1. List five things on your inspiration wall ... real or imagined:
- Bouvier Des Flandres
- Hanauma Bay
- Morgan Freeman
- Big Fat Cute Seals
- The Jesus and Mary Chain

2. What was your last big project?

I just got back the new Necronauts double album being released this month which I did the design and art for. It really turned out fucking awesome and I am super happy about it. I have been a huge fan of theirs for like the last 10 years and they found me a few years ago on this weblog. I was talking about how they were one of my favorite bands and they started hitting me up for artwork. The album is over an hour and 45 minutes and it comes with a 32-page booklet full of my art and photography. I can't wait for the release, it's been over five years in the making and album is great!

3. What's your next big project? Beatrice Moore asked me to do a mural on the side of the Trunk Space building. I have been talking with Trunk Space and Sweets and Beats about creating a huge monster head wearing some nerdy glasses peeking out on to Grand ave. It will welcome everyone entering downtown phoenix to our Grand ave arts district.
I am also working on a dress with my girlfriend, Ashley, for the Trashy Sculpture show. Its basically a fashion show where all the dresses are made from recycled materials. Ashley is a seamstress who likes to make dresses, so this collaboration should be really interesting since her dresses are so pretty and my art is so ugly, haha. We have worked together on some of her dresses before, but nothing trashy like this.

4. Why do you do what you do?
I have a deep love for the arts. Art is just something that is so deep in my soul and I love that I can express myself and convey what I am feeling to all of humanity. It is what brings us together so that we can all be in love and in peace. Art is a celebration of life and being alive and is the foundation for our children and our children's children's children.

5. What's something you want phoenix to know about you?
I recently cured myself of lactose intolerance. Up until about a year ago, I was allergic to all dairy products. They would give me flu like symptoms that would last up to a week if I ever consumed any. Someone told me that your allergies change every seven years, so now after 15 years, I am back to eating pizza and ice cream several times a week. I even made chicken enchiladas last night and the were GOOD. Oh yeah and please stop breaking into my house. I have nothing left to steal. Oh yeah and Ashley is not pregnant, that was a stupid April fool's joke.

(and if you're game, what's something you don't want phoenix to know about you?)
I pray to God every day, several times a day to help me get money and the things I want. I don't really care if phoenix knows, I just don't want my mother to know because she is OBSESSED with God and Jesus and she keeps trying to get me to go to church but I hate going to church. One time I got high (the only time I did LSD) and I ended up crashing my car into a brick wall and jumping into this lady's pool all bloody and naked and got arrested by this cop who went to my church. This was like 12 years ago but I have not been back to visit that church since.

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