5 TV Spin-Offs We Want to See

Yesterday, AMC announced the network would debut a spin-off of its incredibly popular show, The Walking Dead, in 2015. This comes hot on the heels of AMC announcement from last week that they would be spinning off the character of Saul Goodman from Breaking Bad.

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These are not the first spin-offs of the season, either. ABC will première a spin-off from its fantasy show Once Upon a Time in October, and the CW will be introducing the character of The Flash to its superhero show Arrow for the express purpose of giving him his own show in 2014. Truly, we are entering the Golden Age of the spin-off, but we still have a ways to go. Here are five more series that we would like to see spun off from existing shows. For a truly post-modern experience, imagine that all of these series were approved for production by Kenneth Parcell, the beloved page/janitor/TV executive from the recently ended show 30 Rock.

Ron's Song Showcasing the lovable curmudgeon Ron Swanson from NBC's comedy Parks & Recreation, this show finds him deciding to drop out of his position with the city of Pawnee and moving to the Vermont countryside with his girlfriend and her two daughters. He hopes to live a life of peace and quiet in the rural environment, but his plans go awry when the townsfolk recognize him as smooth-jazz saxophonist Duke Silver and begin to treat him like a rock star. Expect cameos from Megan Mullally as his psychotic ex-wife Tammy 2, Bob Newhart as innkeeper Bob Louden, and a recurring role for star Nick Offerman's awesome mustache.

Beard Dynasty Speaking of awesome facial hair, this reality show follows the career of the Ky Harder, a former hair stylist for A&E's hit reality show Duck Dynasty. Now she has struck out on her own and opened a salon, where she hopes to capitalize on her former show's popularity and help people grow their own beards to unreasonable lengths. Beard Dynasty will feature a rocking theme song by Texas legends ZZ Top and plenty of crossovers from other bearded A&E stars, including Ruckus from Bad Ink and Marc Springer from Shipping Wars, and maybe an occasional drop-in from a member of the Robertson family for a touch-up.

Bob Loblaw's Law Blog Now that the cult comedy Arrested Development has found a new home on Netflix, there is nothing stopping it from expanding into an unstoppable television juggernaut, albeit a sardonic one. The first show in this budding empire will feature Scott Baio's character Bob Loblaw, a serious lawyer with a silly name. Bob keeps a blog of all of his experiences in his legal firm, from his dealings with the insane Bluth family to his professional rivalry with Barry Zuckerkorn. His tidy life falls to pieces when his unscrupulous partner, played by Willy Aames, returns from a legal exile in the Cayman Islands to wreak havoc on the business that Bob has worked so hard to create.

Jogging with the Jenner Bruce Jenner was once known as the greatest athlete in the world, after his record-setting decathlon win in the 1976 Olympics, but nowadays he is best known as the henpecked father figure of the Kardashian clan. Bruce intends to change all that with his return to track and field. This show will cover the training that Jenner goes through to get back into competition shape, and will follow as he begins to participate in local events, with the ultimate goal of competing in the 2017 World Masters Games in New Zealand. In another effort to rehabilitate his image, the major selling point of Jogging with Jenner is a complete lack of appearances by the other members of the Kardashian family.

Everything's Coming Up Milhouse! The Simpsons has already made fun of spin-offs in the classic eighth season episode "The Simpsons Spin-Off Showcase," but with the recent cancellation of Futurama, creator Matt Groening is looking for ways to keep his television empire afloat. Fox's first attempt to develop a show from the Simpson's deep catalog of supporting characters will involve Bart's sidekick Milhouse. When his mother finally marries her on-again-off-again boyfriend, Pyro from the American Gladiators, Milhouse must say goodbye to Springfield and move to Hollywood. Finding himself without the guidance of Bart for the first time in his life, Milhouse must dig deep and discover who he really is. The Simpsons has a long history of celebrity cameos, and expect every single one of them to come back to promote this series, and that's just in the pilot episode.

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