50 Shades of Grey: Seven Actors We Would Like to See Play Christian in the Movie

Before anybody even knew if 50 Shades of Grey would be made into a movie, there were bets being placed on who'd be a good fit to play the book's main character, the infamous Christian Grey. The film's producer, Dana Brunetti, announced last month that the movie's set for release August 1, 2014. That official date has only increased speculation as to who will be the lucky (unlucky?) guy to land the male lead. Now that we've shared who we don't want playing Mr. Grey, here are seven actors we'd like to see in the Red Room of Pain.

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Stephen Amell

Before landing the lead role in one of the CW's latest shows, Arrow, Stephen Amell was a recognizable face with a name you couldn't quite remember. He has been in a bevy of television shows but hasn't really made it into the lead roles. He has a unique look that would work well for Grey's character, and that's not to mention he has the body for the role. Although he originally was in talks with the film's producers to play Grey, he announced on his Facebook that he decided the character was boring and not "totally redeeming." We think Amell would fit Grey's character and play him well, and if the price is right, perhaps he'll change his mind.

Colin Egglesfield

Colin Egglesfield might look exactly how every single person who read 50 Shades pictured Christian Grey. There's something about his dark features and light blue eyes that just seem to scream, "I should play Christian Grey." With a history in soap operas, we're pretty sure he's got the "acting in dramatic yet ridiculous scenes with terrible dialogue" thing down pat. His biggest enemy is his age, although in Hollywood it's nothing new for a 40-year-old man to play the part of someone in his 20s. Henry Cavill

Given that we know (for the most part) what Christian Grey looks like in the books, it's no surprise that some of our picks resemble each other. Cavill could be Egglesfield's little brother, and coming in at a decade younger he is probably a more viable candidate. He's riding high on Man of Steel, the latest Superman flick, and has high marks for starring in Showtime's The Tudors. He's got the looks, he's about the right age, and he can act, meaning he's perfect to play Mr. Grey. Alex Pettyfer

With so much rampant gossip surrounding the casting of Christian Grey, you could pretty much assume that every well-known, good-looking guy would be considered. Alex Pettyfer is one of those. He's the youngest on our list, at the tender age of 23, but he looks plenty grown to us. Christian Grey's character is only supposed to be 27, so that's not too much of a stretch for Pettyfer to convey, should he land the role. Pettyfer oozed sex appeal in Magic Mike and I am Number Four, and he was a model before he made it onto the big screen. He may not have proved his acting chops yet, but Grey isn't really a character worthy of method actors. Dye Pettyfer's hair a dark copper and we think he'd make a pretty darn good Christian Grey. Jesse Eisenberg

Jesse Eisenberg is probably not on anybody's list but ours, but hear us out. Eisenberg has made a name for himself as of late by playing genius, savvy, cocky, and cold characters, who are usually incredibly full of themselves. Sound familiar? He's also played the opposite side of those roles, proving he has a full range of acting abilities. Although he is not conventionally sexy, he has earned some serious sex appeal-status since playing Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg -- even if he's usually lumped into the "sexy geeks" group. His latest role in Now You See Me, as a fast-talking magician should garner him more of the sex symbol status we think he deserves. If you style his curly hair well, and he buffs up, it could totally work.

Dave Franco

If you haven't heard of Dave Franco, you've definitely heard of his older brother James. News flash: Dave is even better looking. Franco just starred in Now You See Me with Eisenberg, and although his role was limited in displaying his acting abilities, he's established a pretty decent resume thus far in his career. He's the perfect age, as he just turned 28 in June, the exact age of Grey in "real time," and they even share the same birth month. Franco has the looks and body to pull off the character, but his biggest enemy may be his enormously infectious smile. As long as he keeps that to himself in the movie, he should get along just fine as Grey. The fact that he's not tied to a film series or character yet is a plus for him stepping into the shoes of über-mysterious Christian Grey. Matt Bomer

If we were the betting kind, our money would be on Matt Bomer landing the role of Christian Grey -- and we would be perfectly happy to win that bet. He's a top pick for 50 Shades fans and unless he flat-out refuses or has a conflicting schedule, the producer and director would be crazy not to cast him. We think Bomer is perfect for a few reasons, including the fact that he's already proven himself to look quite good in an expensive suit, as exhibited in White Collar, in which he plays a conman with a penchant for fine art, fashion, and women. His ability to play a corrupt character that still has the audience cheering for him is a distinct advantage, considering Grey is not exactly your average "protagonist."

For now it's anybody's guess as to who will land the role of Christian Grey, but with a release date of a little over a year away, one would think that the cast would need to be nailed down sooner than later. Given how little actually happens in the books, they could probably film in a week, so who knows when we'll find out who's cast as Christian.

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