9 Favorite Things We Saw at Art Detour 26

We hit the streets for Art Detour 26.

The 2014 edition of the self-guided art tour featured 100 stops at galleries, studios, and pop-ups on March 8 and 9. And for all our pavement-pounding around Phoenix, our eyes were rewarded plenty. Here are our favorites: the 9 paintings, sculptures, and murals we're still thinking about.

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Ankole Skull

Lori Fenn was one of 26 artists featured in the James Angel-curated show "Twenty-Six." Her piece, an acrylic painting of a skull on resin and wood, is bright, Southwest-inspired, and easy to like -- the perfect beginning to Modified Arts' all-local exhibition from some of Phoenix's most notable creatives.

King Kong ain't got shit on me!

"The Stakes Is High" pop-up art show at Bragg's Pie Factory featured work from Thomas "Breeze" Marcus, Ishmael Dueñas, Adrian Dominic, and Page. Our favorite piece was a three-way collab between Marcus, Dueñas, and Joshua Rhodes, a.k.a. Subtle Takeover.

A Means to an End

L.A. transplant Ronnie Ray Mendez was slated to show in last year's infamously censored Herberger Theater exhibition "Prime Example," curated by New Times contributor Robrt Pela. Finally his anthropomorphic characters and Mike Ford's "controversial" photos were presented at Pela's gallery under the banner "Banned at the Herberger."

Divine Wisdom

The Hive's "Multi-Verse" showcased art by Debra Yepa-Pappan, who replicated a figure of what appears to be a young woman throughout her work. Divine Wisdom caught our attention for its striking combination of saturated colors, use of the figure who faces away from the viewer, and that it's presented on a wood panel stained by Kool-Aid.

Apache Movement

MonOrchid hosts a retrospective of Native American artist Douglas Miles' work, including pieces from his company, Apache Skateboards. Our favorite pieces were on non-traditional surfaces, and his set of painted luggage stole the show.


Kyla Navenma showed a pair of wooden sculptures as part of 1Spot Gallery's abstract art show. The craft and naturalism of Imperfection made it a standout.

Sooty Capped Bush Tangere

We weren't the only ones captivated by the avian-centric work of Lauren Lee's solo show, "Sisters of the Moon," at {9} The Gallery. It sold out. Lee cited Lana del Ray and Stevie Nicks among women musicians whose lyrics inspired her works.

¡Ni una deportación más!

As part of the citywide mural painting event Paint PHX (which wasn't technically affiliated with Art Detour), La Muñeca and Yescka collaborated on a mural dedicated to Phoenix's Calle 16 and Oaxaca, Mexico. Politically motivated, the piece calls for families to no longer be torn apart by deportations on the west-facing wall of Dulcería Pico Rico.

Participation Prize

Sarah Hurwitz's podium piece for INFLUX Cycle 4 asks, "What did you do today that deserves recognition?"

It's a work with three platforms for winners to stand and receive awards for completing everyday tasks at the Roosevelt A.R.T.S. Market.

It embodies Hurwitz's sense of humor and playfulness that makes her both an endearing and compelling artist.

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