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A Sneak Peek at the One-Night Exhibition to Save The Icehouse

Hugo Medina's not afraid of climbing the rickety scaffold in downtown's Icehouse to hang the lighting for tomorrow's show; he's done it before ... and hopes he'll have the chance to do it again.

Medina's on a mission to raise money for the historic-building-turned-arts-venue in hopes of "saving" it from foreclosure at the end of 2011.

But he's quick to note he's not acting alone -- almost 120 artists have dropped off (and installed) their artwork. If sold, at least 50 percent of each piece's price tag will benefit the continued programming and maintenance of the of the ragtag building on Jackson Street.

There's no way he can list all of the artists participating, Medina says, but he can tell you about each painting, sculpture, photo, and installation piece within the three rooms.

Artists vary from high school students who are showing for the first time, to well-known creatives including Angela Ellsworth, Casebeer, Jen Urso, Gennaro Garcia, Pete Deise, Cassandra Christine Cassano, Joe Jankovsky, Luis Gutierrez, Safwat Saleem, and Ellie Richards (to name a few).

The food (as detailed by Chow Bella) will be donated and sold by Superstition Farm, and Marshall Shore will be debuting his own line of Icehouse T-shirts.

Medina says all of the artists are on an honors system; each of their names and work titles hang below the pieces with a photo so that show visitors can track down the artist and pay for the piece. And while he's not positive the proceeds raised with "Save the Icehouse" (as the group show is titled), he says its absolutely important for the community to come together and show support for the scene, and for the building.

He'll open the large, metal doors around 5 p.m. tomorrow and says live entertainment, including music and live caligraphy, will alternate between the Icehouse's main rooms.

And Medina says festivities will likely end around 11, when he'll have to climb the scaffold again to start taking down the artwork -- he just found out there's a wedding booked for the next day.

Icehouse is at 429 West Jackson Street in Phoenix. For more info, check out the Icehouse facebook page.

A $5 donation is suggested for admission.

Take a peek at the photos below ...

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