About Face: MTV Captures the Chronicles of Scottsdale Plastic Surgery

Scottsdale put on its best face for this one.

This week, viewers can get the skinny on the ins and out of Scottsdale-based plastic surgery during Is She Really Going Out With Him?

The reality show, which begins its third season tonight on MTV, shot one of its episodes on location at the offices of Dr. Daniel Shapiro, F.A.C.S. of Shapiro Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in Paradise Valley.

Nope. Not a joke.

(more about what happens to real-life protagonists Brittany and R.J. after the jump)

Here's a quick synopsis:

"Brittany is taken out on an extremely unusual date by her boyfriend R.J. that ends up in Dr. Shapiro's office. Through a real-life examination of not only the pros and cons associated with plastic surgery but also the sheer reality of the dating world in Scottsdale, Brittany is faced with a very important decision: endure plastic surgery to appease her pushy boyfriend or dump him and move on to another spiky-haired, muscled up suitor that may come calling. Her decision might surprise you."

According to the official release, the episode will air on either Friday, November 5, or Sunday, November 7.

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Steve Jansen
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