Arizona Survivalist/Prepper Expo Returns This Weekend

This weekend, Mesa's Commemorative Air Force Museum will once again host the Arizona Survivalist/Prepper Expo.

The two-day event will feature an assortment of local and national vendors, including Honeyville Farms. "Doomsday Preppers" Tim Ralston will be there to show off GearUp's latest offerings including the latest variations of the (in)famous Crovel multitool and a variety of speakers.

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From a quick read of the schedule and our previous experience we can give you a few must-sees:

1. Saturday @ 12:30 p.m.: Making Bread in a Jar with Ray Stephens. Even if you have absolutely no interest in prepping this is actually a really interesting little seminar. Stephens combines the preservation magic of canning with the ancient art of breadmaking. The result is a shelf-stable loaf of bread that comes out of a jar. It's a very slick hack.

2. Saturday/Sunday @ 11 a.m.: Survival Multitools with Tim Ralston: Ralston's made his name selling the Crovel which we've previously described as the most aggressive looking shovel ever made. He's created something of a cottage industry pumping out variations of the Crovel such as one that mounts a high power flashlight and another that contains a slingshot in the butt cap. Either way, he's a consummate showman so expect some interesting demonstrations.

3. Sunday @ 2 p.m.: Live Food Storage Solutions - Raising Rabbits with Nick Klein: We've talked about Hostile Hare in a previous post and while the idea of a multi-story rabbit death camp sounds unpalatable to most of us, their in person sell tends to take the edge off, particularly when they explain the practicality of what they're proposing.

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