ASU Redefines "Museum" Starting Tonight

Like it or not, the word "museum" carries a set of associations and connotations, and starting tonight, the ASU Art Museum is doing some redefining.

"Re-thinking the Museum" will showcase residencies and chit-chats with some of the art world's doers and thinkers. The goal is to provoke discussions and to generate new ideas for the future of "art" and "museums" in America.

More event details after the jump ...

Tonight's talk features Robert Atkins -- an art historian, social critic, and former Village Voice columnist who has penned a number of books about contemporary art -- getting all deep about art's nature and how museums can redefine their roles in contemporary times.

Atkins' "The Museum of Knowledge Producer" program begins at 6 p.m. at ASUAM, 51 East 10th Street in Tempe. Admission is free. Hit up this link for more information.

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