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Baja Beach Bar Brings (More) Island Flavor to Scottsdale

Baja Beach Bar recently celebrated its grand opening in Scottsdale, and added yet another beach-themed watering hole to an endlessly ocean-starved audience. 

The concept, the drinks and the decor certainly weren't anything new; this beach bar is like any other overly decorated, cheesy beach bar in town. But the place was still packed with a ready-for-a-pool-party Scottsdale crowd that played games of ping pong, pool, and cornhole while sipping on drinks with tiny umbrellas.

The Baja atmosphere is bubbly and well-lit; colored bulbs hang from the ceiling both inside and out, and there's a big outdoor patio, complete with a bar, banks of sand and a spot for live music.

Big roll-up windows separate the outside game area from the inside's bar and line of booths fitted with entertainment moniters. And even if the table screen (or your date) doesn't hold your attention, there are 30 high-definition televisions.

The bar offers a slew of island-themed drinks including Acai Pineapple Sunrise, with pineapple vodka, orange juice and acai puree, and the Cherricane with cherry vodka, Midori and orange pineapple juice.

Poured concrete floors, mosaic sculptures, a huge Chihuly-inspired beer bottle chandelier and beach paintings give the place polished, yet laid back feeling -- good for any night out when you don't mind the crowd, and could really use a girly drink. 

Baja Beach Bar is at 10050 N. Scottsdale Rd. in Scottsdale, for more information, check out the bar's Facebook page (no official website, yet). 

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Megan Dobransky
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