Beverly Burch's Willows Home and Garden

Beverly Burch's Willows Home and Garden blog is pure eye candy for the home-design mind. She shares images of her shabby-chic home décor shop's newest merchandise and occasional peeks inside her own residence.

Burch and her daughter-in-law take most of the blog's photography, usually within the shop.

"I just know that the pictures are what I like about a blog," Burch says. "If there aren't pictures I won't stay and read it."

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The real happy lately comes from a move made to keep the blog fresh while Burch travels this summer: she turns the blog over to other Phoenicians to tell about their favorite things in Phoenix. The favorites are as varied as Burch's guest bloggers themselves.

The ladies from SeeSaw Designs rave about the mid-century modern architecture. Swim school owner Bob Hubbard dishes on his favorite Mexican Food. The Phoenix localistas behind Local Lily praise the Arizona Derby Dames. Frances boutique owner Georganne Bryant tells us her favorite spots for vintage shopping along 7th Avenue. And those are just the few from the end of July.

Throughout the blog, Burch's own sense of fun comes through loud and clear. What started as an obligation -- joining the business blog bandwagon -- quickly turned into something done for enjoyment.

"I like coming up with new things to do with it," Burch says. Next up, Burch and crew plan to indulge their inner foodies.

"We want to see what happens when stay-at-home moms who love food try being food critics."

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Chrystall Kanyuck