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Bill Bellamy's Bringing Ladies Night Out Comedy Tour to Tempe

Bill Bellamy is plotting a comeback. Due to the popularity of his Ladies Night Out stand-up comedy tour, he's bringing it back out for another round of dates -- coming this weekend to the Tempe Improv. 
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Bellamy, accompanied by fellow comedians J. Reid, D'Lai, and host Ali Siddiq, says he's using the show to prepare for the filming of a Showtime special on August 6 in Los Angeles and promises to bring a good time as long as the ladies "bring their sexy."

Jackalope Ranch caught up with Bill Bellamy to talk about the show, Twitter beefs, and his plans to return television. 

What's going on with the Ladies Night Out Tour
It's an hour and a half of outrageous jokes. Women will learn about themselves, stuff that guys think but don't always say. It's dedicated to the women, but it's not alienating the guys. So it's not like guys can't come. And for the smart guys who come to my shows, they know there'll be a whole bunch of chicks. So if you're single, it's going to be the best weekend of your life. It's 90 minutes of 'Oh My God.' That's a whole lot of OMG. And hopefully we won't get swept away by a dust storm.

What are your plans after the Ladies Night Out Tour ends?
After this airs on Showtime I plan on really coming back to the country in a bigger way. That's gonna show people what we're doing, and they'll see the show and see what we're talking about and how funny we are. Coming into the New Year, we'll launch a bigger tour. 

How do you feel about the current national obsession with the culture of your home state, New Jersey?
It's not new to me. I grew up in New Jersey, so I knew about the 'Mob Wives' way before it came on TV. I went to school with some of the mob wives' kids. 'The Sopranos' was real. And to see those kinds of things now on reality TV is tripping me out because there's so many of them. I don't know if all of Jersey is like that, that's the only problem. When you watch the Jersey Shore, everybody doesn't have that much hairspray. That's a lot for one show. And those dudes are really really going hard on trying to bang all the chicks. That's real. But Snookie... I'll leave it at that.

You could start a Twitter war real quick.
It's funny, I'll go on Twitter sometimes and I'll start talking about people. You'd be surprised, they forget you're joking. They get crazy on Twitter, oh my god. Right now, there's this guy named Lil' B, he's got this song called "Bill Bellamy." 

"I got one felony, I got two felonies..."
"I got three felonies, mother fucker I'm Bill Bellamy." I don't have any felonies, and I'm the real Bill Bellamy! Shouldn't I be the one saying that? It's crazy. People ask me on Twitter, why did I let him write the song. I wasn't in his mind! I mean, he needed something to rhyme with 'felony,' why not pick 'Bill Bellamy?' I can't call it. You can put your own spin on it, I don't know what to think of it.

Now that you're back to doing more stand-up, do you have any more TV projects?
That's what we're working on now. I think it's time for people to see me again, to be back every week. Right now we're working on my show, called 'the Bill Bellamy Show.' Basically it will be somewhat of a talk show with performances and comedy skits, similar to what Chris Rock did. I just want to have fun with y'all. Because I feel like laughter is so good right now. Everything in the world is tight and people aren't having as much fun because the economy is weird. I think people want to have a good time and have a place to escape to. I feel like I can fill that void with comedy.

Bill Bellamy's Ladies Night Out Tour comes to the Tempe Improv at 930 East University Drive this Friday through Sunday with shows beginning at 7:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. Tickets are $22. Visit the Improv's website for more info, and check out Bill Bellamy's Twitter for details on his upcoming Showtime special.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.