Cold Plunge

Short of submerging yourself in a vat of ice, home remedies for keeping body heat at bay are sparse. So let the experts soothe your scorched skin this summer. Swanky spa treatments, while a bit more pricey than a pound of crushed cubes, are the perfect solution for cooling every body part, from your burning brow to your fried feet.

Start by rehydrating those rosy, red-hot cheeks with a cold marine facial at Spa Nordstrom (60 minutes, $90). Using marine-based products and plant extracts, this cooling mask reduces redness, soothes sunburn and improves complexion. The Four Seasons Spa has a similar seaweed facial (80 minutes, $185), but if the slimy stuff turns you off, go with the oxygenated facial (80 minutes, $175). To really make your mug tingle, try the cucumber and green tea facial at Revive Spa at Marriott Desert Ridge Resort (50 minutes, $130). This treatment uses cucumber infused with antioxidants (we hear this is a good thing) to cool and protect the skin. Add the couperose ampoule -- an anti-redness serum -- for an extra cooling burst ($20).

Finally, to get the most out of your mud mask, try the floral facial at the Pampered Spirit Day Spa in Glendale (55 minutes, $129). The treatment purifies your pores with a lavender- or peach-based product, and couples the cleansing with a relaxing neck, back and shoulder massage.

Now that your face is frosty, let's take care of those fiery digits. The Red Door Salon and Spa offers the citra spa manicure, which exfoliates and moisturizes your hands with refreshing citrus-based products (35 minutes, $45). Next, head to the Centre for Well-Being at the Phoenician, where getting cold feet is encouraged. The salt and peppermint foot therapy uses peppermint lotion to cool your toes (25 minutes, $85), while the barefoot in the lemongrass treatment rejuvenates both your feet and legs with a refreshing lemongrass salt massage (50 minutes, $135).

Been sunning all day and forgot to flip? Don't worry; spas cater to nimrods with lobster backs, too. Get the back revitalizer at Revive Spa (50 minutes, $140), which paints your back with a pore-purifying mud, followed by a rehydrating citrus body balm. Still hot? Go to the CopperWynd Resort and Club and ask for the icy version of its hot stone massage.

For a body that's burning all over, however, these treatments are mere spa appetizers, so let's get to the good stuff: the full-body wrap. We typically wouldn't recommend the cocoon method for cooling down, but depending on the products used, a good lube-and-tube can do just the trick. The soothing aloe wrap at the Golden Door Spa at The Boulders is designed to combat sweltering summers. Cooling lavender oil goes on first, followed by a healing aloe gel, topped off with a massage using rose-hip lotion (50 minutes, $135). The spirulina wrap at the Arizona Biltmore Resort and Spa envelops your body with super blue-green algae, hydrating the skin with vitamins, minerals and proteins (50 minutes, $165). Algae is hot. Or cool, in this case. And the rosemary mint awakening body wrap at The Spa at Gainey Village (60 minutes, $100) is an Aveda lover's wet dream come true. A full-body exfoliation is followed by an application of Aveda's rosemary mint lotion. You'll leave feeling minty fresh. To get the body scrub-down without the wrap, try the aloe eucalyptus scrub at Willow Stream: The Spas at Fairmont (60 minutes, $149), which uses mineral salts, eucalyptus oil and aloe lotion to energize your skin.

Too much body goo can leave you feeling, well, gooey, and trust us, goo goes bad real quick in 100-plus temps. If you find yourself in this situation, head for a spa that offers a refreshing bath or water-based treatment, like the milk and honey bath at the Four Seasons Spa. For experts in H2O, go to Sanctuary on Camelback Mountain. Like a water park for grown-ups, it boasts Arizona's largest infinity edge pool, a mediation area with a reflecting pond and a Watsu therapy pool, where you can cool off with the lotus flower aquatic reflexology treatment (60 minutes, $130). (Basically, you float in a pool for an hour while a therapist works your joints. Cool, huh?)

If you can't decide what body part to cool down first, or which indulgence tempts you most, try the all-encompassing, totally chilling après-soleil package at the CopperWynd (60 minutes, $115). It starts with a green tea body spray that's been juiced up with ginkgo, ginseng and vitamins A, C and E. After the skin is nice and misty, therapists apply a lotion with the same ingredients, wrap you in a light sheet, decorate your face with cooling cucumbers and cold compresses, and cover your hands and feet with cold towels.

With a little extra cash and this trusty spa guide, there's no reason to become a hot head this summer.

Be cool!

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