Danielle Hampton's Tattoo Tuesday

Danielle Hampton is well-known in the local blogging world with her colorful and witty blog, Sometimes Sweet. 

Her blog includes funny stories about her daily life (with beautiful pictures, to boot), but we always find ourselves checking back at the beginning of the week for her popular feature, Tattoo Tuesday.

The Prescott local started the weekly feature last year as a way to showcase the body art and knowledge of her readers. 

Now in it's 86th week, Tattoo Tuesday shows off colorful photographs of submitted and captured ink. 

​Each post includes photos of the readers' tattoos and insight into why them got them, and how their family and friends feel about their latest marks.

Hampton's not quiet about her love for ink and doesn't hesitate to tell the stories about her personal experiences, and recommendations on local artists. 

And while we'll continue to be Tuesday regulars, she says readers can catch up with her on Twitter, and (username: danihampton) to see what she's up to on any other day of the week. 

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Chelsea Brown