Dawn of the Fed

If the highly questionable prophecies of all those nutty 2012 alarmists have any sort of truth to ‘em, there are approximately 250 days left to prepare for the end of civilization as we know it. Only one small problem: How does one properly prepare for the coming Armageddon? If it’s a superstorm of solar flares or a global nuclear holocaust, you’re pretty much screwed, since no amount of canned goods will offer protection from a massive firestorm of Biblical proportions. If one of those zombie apocalypses somehow takes place, however, all that’s needed is plenty of ammo, a quick trigger finger, and a few episodes of The Walking Dead.

Attending the Zombie Research Society’s Family Survival Food Barbecue on Saturday wouldn’t hurt, as its members will not only offer tips on how to outwit the undead, but also how to stock up on vittles to outlast a mass invasion of the flesh-eaters. Survival food (including MREs and freeze-dried goods) will be both discussed and sampled at the event.

Sat., April 14, noon, 2012
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