Downtown's First Friday (Feb. 3)

Art walks are more often about people watching and shenanigans and less about the actual art. We're here to guide you through both. Presenting our very own Field Guide -- an evolving guide to art walks around town.

From time to time, we'll introduce some of our favorite spots and dish out some insider information. If you have any tips or tricks, share 'em in the comments section.

Here's a peek at our guide to Downtown's First Friday for February 3 ...

Miguel Palma at Regular Gallery 
Portuguese artist Miguel Palma will host a short lecture on the future of his project, commissioned by ASU Art Museum's Desert Initiative, to explore our connection to the desert environment. Palma says he plans to convert a military vehicle in order to explore the deserts in Arizona and photograph their natural environments. He will also be demonstrating the use of a full-scale autonomous rover (RAVEN) designed and built by SESE students in the sunflower lot. More info here.

- Corazons at The Sagrado on Grand Ave
The Sagrado, a gallery/boutique directed by Jay "Tranzo" Olivas and Samuel Gomez, and curated by painter El Moises, opens tonight with corazon (heart)-themed artwork by local artists. The gallery, at 1023 NW Grand Ave, will be open from 6 to 10 p.m. More info here

- Pete Deise @ 1024 NW Grand
Local sculptor Pete Deise will show (and sell!) his "bite-sized" works tonight at 1024 SW Grand Ave. from 6 to 9 p.m. More info here

- Phoenix Icons by Jason Hill @ Willo North
Local designer Jason Hill debuts his "Icons of Phoenix--A Retrospective with New Work" that includes his signature paintings of local landmarks and new, large-scale watercolors and hand-pulled silkscreen prints of a few of our favorite places. Hill's work will be up through February. Willo North, 2811 N. 7th Ave., opens tonight at 6 p.m.. More info here.

- "KAPER: 30 Years of Big Bad Red" at Por Vida
Tonight's the opening of 16th Street's Por Vida Gallery, owned and curated by local artists Thomas Marcus, Lalo Cota and Pablo Luna opens tonight with "Kaper: 30 Years of Big Bad Red," which features work by the local artist. The door, at 2800 N. 16th St. will open this Friday at 7 p.m.. More info here

Other Useful Information:​
The Phoenix Art Museum has great parking (and great art, go figure), and is back as one of the stops for the First Friday Trolley. On-street parking is limited along Roosevelt Street between First and Seventh streets (Note: meters downtown are still checked until 8 p.m.). Or if you can nab a spot, check out the free street parking on Grand Avenue ...

​- If you missed it, our 17 limited-edition jackalope sticker by Jenny Ignaszewski will be making its debut tonight! (Find a few at each location on the map.) Check out more of Ignaszewski's work tonight at The Hive on 16th Street.

Happy Friday!

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