Eclipse & Twilight Trilogy Tickets on Sale Tonight

Hello, fellow Twilighters! *air kiss* (Yes, we're all BFFs, didn't you know?) If the reaction to the Eclipse trailer played at this past weekend's Iron Man performances is any indication, the June 30 midnight premiere will be standing room only. Good thing tickets are going on sale now.

Harkins Theatres is opening up Eclipse ticket sales at midnight tonight. They're general admission, so die-hard fans will still need to arrive at the theatre early to get a decent seat -- especially if you're planning on seeing the premiere. 

Need more alone time with Robert Pattinson or a two hundredth peek at Jacob's bulging... pecs? Harkins is also offering $20-22 tickets to a screening of the entire Twilight trilogy starting at 7 p.m. on Thursday the 29th and ending with a midnight showing of Eclipse

No need to put on Depends or massage your thighs constantly to avoid blood clots during the 7-hour movie marathon. Just like the Lord of the Rings trilogy, we're pretty sure they'll have breaks in-between each film.  

Visit www.harkinstheatres.com for tickets and showtimes.  

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