What Are You Wearing?

Erik Gustafson, What Are You Wearing?

When we approached Erik Gustafson about doing a "What Are You Wearing?" piece, the Phoenix Chorale tenor and opera singer responded with, "I'm literally the least fashion-conscious person I know of."

We're not so sure about that. Seems like Gustafson - who, when he's not singing, creates some pretty hilarious videos like Conan: The Musical, which actually saw some airtime on Coco's old show - is a wee bit more fashion aware than he'd like to admit. Just saying.

What are you wearing right now?

A blue, button-down Dockers shirt, more than likely bought at Target. I can't say for sure because I'm sure I got it for Christmas from a relative. I've given it a little bit of personal flair with a touch of sweet-and-sour sauce from lunch. Dark blue jeans from the Gap with . . . good, god, is there sauce on the pants, too?

What is the last item of clothing you bought?

(answer after the jump)

A white tuxedo vest for a choir performance. Seriously, choir singers keep formal wear stores in business because we're the only people that ever actually BUY anything from them. At least it's a tax-deductible purchase. Last piece of civilian, non-deductible clothing was a Muse t-shirt bought at their show at US Airways Center.

What is the item of clothing you most covet at the moment?

A Pearl Jam concert t-shirt. Forgive me if that's a less-than-hip choice but I grew up in the Northwest. Grunge never died.

Give us a childhood memory of you and clothes:

For a very long time, a picture of me as a child in a pink bra and grass skirt was used as potential blackmail material by my family. I shouldn't have told you that.

Name five items every man should have in his closet:

* A lint roller, to start.

* Some sort of organizer for ties/belts/etc.

* An emergency shirt a size too large, because the ill-effects of beer on the male frame can really sneak up on you.

* Plenty of wrinkle-free shirts . . .

* And if that fails an iron, but only in an emergency.

Name an item of clothing that's best when it's vintage:

Jackets. Living in a hot and sweaty environment, it's nice to have as many layers as possible between you and the last person that wore your clothes.

Name an item of clothing you should NEVER buy used:

A retainer. Times are tough, but don't be tempted by the discounted price.

What is your one piece of fashion advice for Phoenix?

Take advantage of the fact that you live in an uncomfortably hot climate, and that you have every excuse in the world to be COMFORTABLE. Being an opera singer in a city where attendees often wear shorts and flip-flops is all the proof I need that we live in a very special city.

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