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Extraordinary Animals at the Heard's Berlin Gallery

Through September 17, you can swing by the Heard Museum's Berlin Gallery to catch its summer show "Extraordinary Animals Revisited" with work by Steven Yazzie, Jacob Meders, Rick Bartow, Tiffiney Yazzie, Julia Buffalohead, and America Meredith (to name a few).

New Times contributor Tricia Parker visited the show and tells the story of Coyote/trickster as well as a peek behind the scenes of the Berlin Gallery with curator Andrea Hanley in this week's print edition of New Times ...

Parker writes:

Rick Bartow (Wiyot tribe of California), a painter, printmaker, and sculptor, recently was commissioned to create a 25-foot cedar sculpture for the Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian. He's a big deal, and Berlin Gallery manages to represent the breadth of his many talents. Coyote + Leonardo's Anatomy 5 (graphite, gouache, and ink on paper) looks right at you. There are those yellow eyes and sharp snout, the most distinct features in the work. The rest of the animal appears slowly as faint graphite lines and white outlines, a sort of disembodied skeleton, which is exactly what it is, a human pelvis and femurs.

Read her full review of "Extraordinary Animals Revisited" here.

is now on display through Monday, September 17, at the Berlin Gallery at the Heard Museum Shop, 2301 N. Central Ave. Call 602-346-8250 or visit for more info.

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