Five Vampire Movies Better Than Twilight

while the weepy chicks and their mothers line up, yet again, to watch two shirtless, underage boys fight over a girl in Twilight: Breaking Dawn (Part I), true vampire fans will have plenty of classics to keep them occupied. 

Whether steeped in realism, indie schlock, or deep pathos, they know a proper vampire flick has an edge much tougher than some teen idol's six pack abs or sparkly skin. 

So while you're waiting for the emo fans to stop haunting the horror section and buying up all the costume blood, we have five movies that kick some Twilight vampire ass. 

5. From Dusk Till Dawn (1996)

Half gangster picture and half gory makeup fest, this early gem from Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez set the stage for their 2007 double bill Grindhouse. Its vampires lure bikers and bank robbers to a seedy Mexican strip club, where it's kill or be killed instead of love me or love me not. 

4. Shadow of the Vampire (2000)

Willem Dafoe stars as Max Schreck, who starred in 1922's Nosferatu, in the atmospheric mockumentary. While the film's premise, which purports Schreck was an actual vampire, might be a theory, the horror's not. Combining grisly suspense and period drama, this serious look easily eclipses Robert Pattinson's troubled brow. 

3. Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles (1994)

Featuring the idols of its day, this pairing of manic depressive and egocentric vampires brought the pain in a way Kristen Stewart never imagined while moping in her bedroom. Brad Pitt's Louis cries because his wife, child and best friend die. That's real depression kids. 

2. Let Me In (2010)

Boys? Girl? Freakish co-dependency? It has all the ingredients; only this time the girl capitalizes on pity to bring the boys in. Based on the 2008 Swedish film Let the Right One In, this film borrows from folklore and rewrites the rules of friendship. 

1. Cronos (1993)

When Guillermo Del Toro, the dark god director behind Pan's Labyrinth, debuted this Mexican fable, he staked his career on the relationship between a grandfather and granddaughter. In this tale, immortality casts a shadow over the worth of human relationships and craving blood is more of an addiction than a privilege. Scary, right?

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