Gogh Daddy

Vincent van Gogh taught the world two things: That being batshit crazy isn't necessarily detrimental for creative types, and that even if you're a flop in life, you could be famous after death. Guess that's good news for Gary Busey.

Everyone knows about the storied earlobe-cutting incident, but what happened to Van Gogh after that? Find out in The Final Years of Vincent van Gogh, a play starring Marcelino Quiñonez and Carlos Ramirez. This fictionalized account is based on scholarly research and actual letters between Van Gogh and his brother, Theo.

"Vincent van Gogh was an artist in the truest sense," says Quiñonez, who plays the tortured soul. "He gave up his health, sanity, family, and religion for his painting."

Not a bad trade for immortality in the art world.

Fri., April 16, 7:30 p.m., 2010
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Wynter Holden
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