How to Audition for Bad Girls Club This Weekend in Scottsdale

If you have a Tia who plays alongside your Tamera in your real life Sister, Sister act, consider attending the open casting call for the upcoming season of the Oxygen network's Bad Girls Club this Saturday, June 13, at Bevvy in Scottsdale. 

In the last 13 seasons of the show, the people who brought you Keeping Up With the Kardashians have put seven women in a mansion together a la The Real World for about three months. This season, the producers of the show are specifically looking for sisters and twins to cast. 

But this isn't going to be some gushy Ramona and Beezus, happy-ending stuff. This show gets ugly. Throughout the seasons, at least a few Bad Girl replacements have to be brought in each time because the original girls get too violent, er, we mean, too entertaining or break some kind of other house rule. 

If you're cast, you get to look forward to receiving a fun, cute nickname to identify you on the show. Past contestants have been dubbed The Weave-ologist, Ms. Chi-Fly, and The Sneaky Stripper. 

So if you and your "independent, spirited, opinionated, outspoken, or endlessly entertaining" sister are ready to get your Mary-Kate and Ashley on, jet off to a beautiful mansion somewhere, and have your every move documented for three months, bring a recent photo and your ID to Bevvy, 4420 North Saddlebag Trail, Suite 100, in Scottsdale, on Saturday, June 13. The open casting call for applicants 21 and over will take place between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. 

Good luck, ladies. And also, good luck getting the Sister, Sister theme song out of your head. 

For more information on Bad Girls Club and the open casting call, visit

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