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Local Artists Address Diversity and Background in Tonight's "ART/CULTURE"

The debut event of the City of Scottsdale's Cross Cultural Communications Series continues tonight at 6 p.m. when Zarco Guerrero (Juañeno/Acjachemem mask-maker), Kade Twist (Cherokee multi-disciplinary artist), Diana Ho (Chinese painter), and Joe Willie Smith (African American mixed-media wizard) present in Scottsdale.

During an event dubbed "ART/CULTURE," the multiracial pool of local heavy-hitting artists will present and discuss how their cultural backgrounds inform and influence their works.

Tim Rodgers, Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art's director, will also moderate a discussion amongst the four creative types.

The Cross Cultural Communications Series, organized by the Scottsdale Public Library and the Scottsdale Office of Diversity and Dialogue, seeks to make people hip to diversity issues. The next one on the docket is a program in early February that focuses on health disparities.

Tonight's shindig takes place at 6 p.m. at the Stage 2 Theater of the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts, 7380 East 2nd Street. Admission is free. See this for more info.

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