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LOVE IS ART: Creating a Painting is Now as Easy as Having Sex on a Canvas (Paint Included)

There's nothing that'll break the ice at your holiday quite like explaining how the art piece over the couch was made.

What LOVE IS ART founder Jeremy Brown calls "abstract expressionism" is your chance to get it on all over a canvas in a variety of colors, patterns, and positions, and then clearly display your skills for all to see.

Oh boy.

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LOVE IS ART :: LOVE, PASSION & CREATIVITY 2012 from Jeremy Brown on Vimeo.

The LOVE IS ART kit comes with "everything a couple needs to safely make a tangible piece of abstract expressionistic art while being intimate with each other," writes Brown. "What is left is a one-of-a-kind abstract painting that represents that special moment, that can then be stretched, framed and hung on the wall -- a reminder of the love that was shared."

Brown cites Yves Klein and performance pieces by Andy Warhol as inspiration for the mattress mambo paintings he'd been doing for more than a decade. (No word on where all of his "pieces" hang.)

Kits range in price from $60 to $110, depending on the paint color -- black, white, gold, copper, pink, red, blue, green, orange, and custom colors -- and include a painter's tarp to protect surfaces (including the gaudy couch you're likely to hang it over), a cotton canvas, organic, washable paint, two pairs of slippers (for the walk to the shower), and a mesh body scrubber.

Not included: a frame or stretching bars -- you're going to have to take that sucker to a frame shop and explain yourself or stretch the canvas yourself, any amount of hard liquor, or a good back story for when your mother-in-law says she wants one just like it.


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