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Modern by Dwell for Target: the Good, the Bad, and the Get-in-My-Cart-Now

We'll be honest: When we first found out that Dwell was doing a special collaboration with Target, we had a little trouble processing. Don’t get us wrong, it makes total sense. Dwell is a magazine mecca for modern designs that most of us can only afford to drool over, while Target has long since established itself as the source for offering big-name designer collections for budget-conscious shoppers.

It’s just – well, we were beginning to wonder if 2016 was going to give us anything nice. And Dwell for Target? It seemed too good to be true.

But the collection's look book has landed, in all of its Scandinavian-inspired glory. And while it’s not everything we hoped for, it’s not bad. In fact, there are some pieces we’d be willing to push your 90-year-old grandmother over to get our hands on (assuming your 90-year-old grandma is well versed in the progressive design concepts of Dwell, in which case, good for her for staying so hip).

Modern by Dwell Magazine, as it’s being called, features both an indoor and outdoor collection and is one of the more generous collaborations we’ve seen at Target. It will be available starting December 27 at select Target locations and on

After sorting through more than 100 featured items, whose prices range from $19.99 to $399.99, we’ve highlighted the good, the bad, and get-in-my-cart-now so you can be ready come release day.

The good
When it comes to smaller home essentials, Dwell delivers with clean lines, bold contrasts, and a modern aesthetic that’s not exclusive. The black and copper bar trolley ($149.99) is the perfect blend of matte and metallic, the terracotta planters ($19.99 to $29.99) and paint-dipped utensils ($19.99) offer nice pops of color, and that geometric throw ($39.99) would be a nice addition to your neutral couch. We’re also digging these tea light alternatives ($34.99).

The bad
While the smaller pieces shine, the larger ones leave something to be desired. The majority of Modern by Dwell’s furniture, both indoors and out, is minimal to the point of missing something. Give us some texture, give us some dimension, give us anything to make these pieces not seem so flat. The candle holder ($34.99), on the other hand, is too much, bulky to the point of being a waste of space.

The get-in-my-cart-now
If this collection was available for preorder, these items would be going straight into our digital cart. The upholstered chair ($249.99) and cocktail glasses ($29.99) have a serious Midcentury Modern appeal, the black dinnerware ($29.99) would add a nice bold statement to the kitchen, and that LED pendant light ($99.99) is just the upgrade we’ve been looking for since Edison lights jumped the shark. Speaking of jumping the shark, we’re still not over succulents, so why not pair them with these perfect concrete planters ($69.99 to $89.99)?
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