Occupy The Game

If you packed your bags and headed home after the Occupy Phoenix rally, you can join the forces again, virtually, with the help of Occupy the Game. 

The website, dedicated to sharing news about the national movement's progress and demands, revealed an online, Tetris/Pong-like game where an Occupy protester must dodge items being tossed into the crowd by a group of police.  

No fancy moves required to win this protest. To succeed, you must simply collect eight of each of the good items (bottled water, US Constitution pamphlet, and a dollar bill) and avoid being hit by two of each of the bad items (flash grenade, bean bag, or a round of tear gas). 

The game ends in either your right to raise your sign higher -- or your arrest. Test your luck, join the forces, and accomplish absolutely nothing on the Occupy the Game website

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Claire Lawton
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