One Trail, 800 Miles: Trevor Arwood's "The Walk Across Arizona"

Hiking a mountain trail might sound like a fun weekend activity, but when the trail's longer than 800 miles and you have to worry about bringing hiking


camera gear, you might want to take a break from your day job.

Aspiring filmmaker Trevor Arwood is on a mission to film his experience hiking from Utah, though Arizona, and south to the Mexico for his documentary, "The Walk Across Arizona."

"When people think of trails they think of the Appalachian trails or something like that," says Arwood. "Not a lot of people know about the Arizona Trail, it's got so many different things to see."

He plans to start the Arizona Trail just inside of Utah on August 21 and make his way through the Grand Canyon, Mazatzal Mountains, Superstition Mountains, and tons of landmarks on his way.

Parts of his hike stretch more than 120 miles between planned supply points and some parts of the trail require a GPS to navigate.

Arwood estimates he will be at the Mexico border by October.

The hiker filmed his journey on the 215-mile John Muir trail in California, but says he plans to focus more on the landscapes this time around.

"I just feel like we live in a world with Youtube where thousands of people are just filming themselves..." says Arwood. "I want to focus on the nature Arizona has to offer people and get them to get out there and enjoy it."

Arwood is currently taking donations to fund his project on his Kickstarter page. The funds will go toward purchasing supplies along his 800-plus-mile route. Arwood plans to have his film complete by the end of the year.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.