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Billy West and John DiMaggio Are Coming to Phoenix Fan Fusion 2020

Shut up and take our money!
Why not Zoidberg Billy West?
Why not Zoidberg Billy West? Gage Skidmore/CC BY-SA 2.0/via Flickr
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We’ve got one thing to say to the organizers of Phoenix Fan Fusion: Shut up and take our money.

That’s because they’ve announced that Futurama voice actors Billy West and John DiMaggio are coming to this year’s event, which runs from May 21 to 24 at the Phoenix Convention Center.

That’s right. Bender and Fry are coming to the Valley this spring.

If you haven’t heard of either actor (or don't watch Futurama), you might be more familiar with the many characters they’ve portrayed over the years in various cartoons.

West played both Ren and Stimpy, Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd in Space Jam, and the lead character on Doug. And DiMaggio is the voice behind Jake the Dog on Adventure Time, Brother Blood on Teen Titans, and the evil Dr. Drakken on Kim Possible.

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Voice actor John DiMaggio.
The two are best known for their work on Futurama, however. West voices protagonist Philip J. Fry, as well as the doddering Professor Farnsworth, Dr. Zoidberg, and chauvinistic cad Zapp Brannigan. DiMaggio portrays the cynical, acerbic, and misanthropic robot Bender, on the show’s breakout characters.

DiMaggio’s appearance was announced earlier this month. Phoenix Fan Fusion organizers revealed West’s appearance via social media on Wednesday, January 22. The news was met with excitement from local geeks.

One fan of the event on Facebook summed up the reaction pretty succinctly: “BENDER AND FRY??? DUDE.”

West and DiMaggio are part of the early wave of special guests that have been announced for the event and includes actor Clark Gregg from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and comic book artist Ron Lim.

West and DiMaggio will participate in a Q&A panel (which is free to attend with paid admission to the event ) and will be available for autographs and photos (for an extra cost). They’re both scheduled to attend from Friday, May 22, to Sunday, May 24.

Feel free to start working on your Futurama cosplay.

Phoenix Fan Fusion is scheduled to take place from Thursday, May 21, to Sunday, May 24, at the Phoenix Convention Center. Hours vary. Daily admission is currently $20 to $45 and a full membership is $65.
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