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Photographer Bob Carey on Growing up in Phoenix and His Latest Work, "The Tutu Project"

From the second-story patio of Phoenix College's art building in downtown Phoenix, photographer Bob Carey can point to the hospital where he was born, the neighborhood where he grew up, and the three or four houses he lived in after high school and university.

The Phoenix native moved to New York in the early 2000s, but he remembers his first big show at RoxSand, a restaurant at the Biltmore, long before he started taking calls from The Today Show, Carson Daily, and Yahoo! News (to name a few) about his latest series, The Tutu Project.

Since his project was featured on national news last Thursday, he says his Facebook page has exploded, emails have poured into his inbox, and his phone (literally) won't stop ringing.

On Thursday, Carey gave a lecture to an art class at Phoenix College. He had an hour or so to talk before shooting off to dinner with a friend at AZ88, and then back to a friend's house to pack his suitcase (again) and catch an early morning flight.

To be honest, he says, it's all totally overwhelming.

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Claire Lawton
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