Phoenix-based comedians behind the weekly Please Send Nudes Podcast, Mike Enders and Charles Engle.EXPAND
Phoenix-based comedians behind the weekly Please Send Nudes Podcast, Mike Enders and Charles Engle.
Courtesy of Mike Enders

Meet the Phoenix Comedians Behind Please Send Nudes

When Phoenix-based comedians Charles Engle and Mike Enders first met doing stand-up, they didn't know they would start a podcast — let alone one as hilarious and ludicrous as Please Send Nudes.

On the weekly show, they give dating advice, discuss some questionable content, and crack jokes at ridiculous news stories. New episodes drop every Tuesday.

Engle and Enders started Please Send Nudes two years ago. And now, they've released their 70th episode.

But hosting a podcast wasn't exactly part of the pair's life plan.

"When I was 18, I thought I was going to be a lawyer," Enders says. "But I'd rather talk about my dick on a podcast."

Despite his teenage dreams, Enders decided he would much rather go into comedy and disclose details about his personal life during an hourlong podcast before ever pursuing a law degree.

Engle, on the other hand, always knew he wanted to be a comedian. So collaborating to produce a comedy podcast felt like a natural step forward.

What Engle describes as honest and ridiculous locker-room talk between the 25-year-olds is a mix of duets to your favorite songs — sung PSN-style and consisting of endless sexual innuendos — as well as debates to figure out if nice guys really do finish last and the occasional celebrity rating using the Area Code Game.

They've traveled around Arizona and out-of-state performing and hosting live episodes. But how does an hour of sex, life, and experience come together in a consistently comical way? According to Enders, they're both still trying to figure that out — but one thing is for sure.

"There is no podcast that is willing to disclose what me and Charles are willing to disclose to the audiences," Enders says. "Everyone should listen. Please Send Nudes means more to me than my biological mother."

Charles Engle and Mike Enders will host Please Send Nudes Podcast Live! with special guests Friday, April 13, at Valley Bar, 130 North Central Avenue. Doors to the 21-and-over event open at 6 p.m. Showtime is 7. Tickets are $10 in advance, $15 day of. For more info, visit Valley Bar's website.

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