Retro TV Brings Doctor Who, Ghostbusters, and MST3K to the Phoenix Airwaves

You might've noticed some of your old favorites on TV last weekend as you were scrolling through the channels, and the good news is it's here to stay. Retro TV has officially launched in Phoenix, and that means you can watch shows like classic Doctor Who, Mystery Science Theatre 3000, and more.

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If you're looking to catch these shows, you can find Retro TV on over-the-air channel 44.2 KPHE. Although the Tennessee-based station originally launched in 2011, it's just making its way to Phoenix, which is great news if you're all about reliving Lassie nostalgia. While Retro TV isn't currently available to Phoenix cable subscribers, folks with a digital TV and antenna can pick up the station now.

However, Whovians have even more to celebrate because the station also just started airing Doctor Who episodes from the first through eighth doctors. Maybe now people will know more than just Matt Smith and David Tennant; though if they really wanted to do that, then they could've also just hit up Netflix.

Here's the full program schedule:

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