Robrt Pela on Curation and the Phoenix Art Scene

Artist, writer, and New Times' theater critic Robrt Pela added gallery curator to his list of descriptors when he writes that he "grew tired of complaining about how the downtown art scene just wasn't giving me enough of what I wanted."

The result is the curatorial work he does at Willo North Gallery in Phoenix.

In this week's art section, Pela describes his memories as a regular in the old (and new) Phoenix art scene, which he argues is in danger of seeing more partying and less art.
Pela writes:

I started booking shows by established artists and the occasional up-and-comer at a local gallery, not because I have a secret desire to work for free, but because I've begun to worry that no matter how hard arts advocates like Beatrice and Greg Esser and Cindy Dach work to provide places for artists to show their work, others have to step up and make sure that the bulk of that work is worth seeing. Otherwise, I'm convinced, the art scene in downtown Phoenix will devolve into a party at which paintings by the sister of the best friend of the gallery owner's next door neighbor have been hastily hung and are beside the point, anyway.

Read the full story here.

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