Saint 22 to Close at the End of October
Hannah Hayes

Saint 22 to Close at the End of October

Two years after Kelly Hale, Glen Purvis, Kathy Apodoca, and Rick Wood opened up shop on 15th Avenue and Thomas Road, they announced they'll be "saying goodbye" to Saint 22.

The home decor and knitting supply store was known for its bright awning and wide selection of yarns and eclectic must-haves. Saint, as Hale and Purvis described to us last year, stood for Simple Accessories Inspired Necessities 4 Today and the 22 was for Hale's sister (drawn in the Saint 22 logo by Kersten Easthope), who died at the age of 22.

"We are moving on," the owners wrote in an announcement this morning. "We have had a wonderful two years but we are moving on ... The last couple of years have been very successful. But, they have made the decision to move forward with other ideas/visions and start new chapters in their lives. Once again, thank you for your support."

Everything in the store is 60% off through the end of October, and the owners say they will also be selling the store's fixtures.

For more information, check out the Saint 22 Facebook page.

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