The antigirl Handbook

Looks like antigirl's finally spilling a few of her own crafty secrets.

The local street artist and graphic designer insists that she's "never not working" -- and after seeing her countless murals, wheat pastes, paintings, and collages, we believe her. Now, she says, it's our turn.

Enter "handbook", a very antigirl collection of how-to guides for a few things she's been creating in her studio.

Her latest entries include her "drunk & high" champagne top necklace and an x-rated pineapple slush that came from a poptail (popsicle + cocktail) recipe with a heavy pour.

Overall, the handbook is clean and easy to use. She says she'll be adding projects as she tries them out, and typically uses basic household tools -- sometimes, with a splash of hard liquor.

We dig her button necklace and her cocktail party invites, but honestly, antigirl had us at her wood paper pendant.

"If you lovelovelove newsprint, wood, and jewelry as much as I do, you should make it, you'll wear it a lot too," she writes. "It's also really easy and quick. Make it in the morning and wear it out that evening. Simple."

Just the way we like it.

See more of antigirl's work on her website and check out her handbook right here.

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Claire Lawton
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