The Greatest Superhero-Versus-Superhero Fights of All Time

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Daredevil vs. Spider-Man, Luke Cage, Doctor Strange, and Mr. Fantastic
Daredevil (1998) #56
By Brian Bendis, Alex Maleev, and Cory Petit

The lawyer/vigilante known as Daredevil tends to skirt the edge of darkness. And when he deposes Wilson Fisk and declares himself the Kingpin of Hell’s Kitchen, his friends are forced to bring him down.

Writer Brian Bendis is known for many epic comic book fights, but this remains among his all-time best as he put Daredevil through the gauntlet — a four-on-one against New York’s best.

Luke Cage gathers Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, and Mister Fantastic in hopes to drill some sense into the Man Without Fear, but ole hornhead won’t have any of it.

Daredevil manages to hold his own against the four heroes and walks away with his head held high. It’s hard to determine who won this super fight, but it is clear what was lost: friendship.

Wolverine vs. Cyclops
X-Men: the Animated Series (1992)
Pilot Episode

Marvel’s Merry Mutants have seen a few television iterations throughout the years, but not many as memorable as the 1990s animated series that ran for five seasons.

While people tuned in every Saturday morning to see whether the X-Men would be facing Magneto or Apocalypse, no one can deny the tension between Xavier’s star pupils, Cyclops and Wolverine.

Though an initial rivalry was born from their mutual attraction to Jean Grey, these two went out of their way to get at each other’s throats. And it became apparent that sparks were flying. Though the series ended before this particular storyline could see resolution, their fierce friendship has inspired decades of fan art creations dedicated to their unseen love.

Who can forget this tense scene from the pilot when Cyclops orders his team to retreat without rescuing teammate Morph, who was thought to be killed in action. Back at base, Wolverine lets the field leader know how exactly how he feels. It’s not your average super-fight, as this one gets a bit physical, but it deserves inclusion on this list due to an out-of-character moment for Wolverine, who isn’t known to lose his cool.

Batman vs. Robin
Batman and Robin (1997)

The Dynamic Duo at each other’s throats?! Yes, that actually happened.

This fan-favorite scene came courtesy of the final installment of Joel Schumacher’s cult classic, Batman and Robin.

Though Uma Thurman’s portrayal of Poison Ivy might steal most of the scenes, this intense exchange comes courtesy of the contagious chemistry between George Clooney’s Batman and Chris O’Donnell’s Robin.

Under the influence of the Poison Ivy’s brain-washing "love dust," the Dark Knight and the Boy Wonder get steamed in front of the denizens of a bachelorette auction. The two caped crusaders go tit-for-tat measuring pocket books before Batman drops the mic — as well as a little bit of plastic.

Forgive him, Bruce, for he knows not what he does. Schumacher’s Batman series ended with this installment, leaving fans to their headcanons over whether these frayed ends were mended.

Oh well, there’s always fanfic.
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