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The Instagram Socialmatic Camera: Welcome to the Physical Camera That Looks Like The App on Your Phone

The day has arrived when even a social media flowchart cannot tell you where the F#*K to post that.

Introducing the Instagram Socialmatic Camera, a camera that looks like the Instagram app icon, stores images as digital files with a 16GB memory stick, and has an internal printer that can shoot out square-shaped, high-flare, overly saturated images of your latte, pug, or latest self-portrait taken in the front seat of your car (seat belt still buckled, natch).

The camera, developed by ADR Studio, is currently a concept. Through crowdsourcing website Indiegogo, ADR hopes to raise $50,000 (just 20,000 times less than what Facebook bought Instagram for in April).

The group writes they hope to sell the camera, equipped with wi-fi, bluetooth, two different lenses, an LED flash, a touchscreen, and an optical zoom for less than $350.

Or, you could just buy this case by Andrei Robu, put it on your iPhone, print your pictures with, and save yourself $325 ... and a social media meltdown.

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Claire Lawton
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