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The League Launches in Phoenix — Here's What You Should Know

It's basically the LinkedIn of dating.
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If you keep tabs on the world of dating apps, then you’re probably familiar with The League.

It’s a two-year-old “quality-based” dating app that reviews its potential users to guarantee that only singles deemed highly motivated, professional, and possessing a wide variety of other desirable qualities will be available to date each other. It's similar to the one Molly unsuccessfully tries out in the recent season of Insecure.

For some “young professionals,” the concept of a dating pool without the usual riff-raff that comes with Tinder is likely pretty appealing. And after battling some criticism in cities like San Francisco and New York, the LinkedIn of dating has come to Phoenix.

Of course, this recent expansion (which saw the app launch in 27 more cities) doesn’t mean you’ll be able to make a profile and immediately start dating your fellow snobs.

The app's "founding class" contained only the top 500 folks who applied. Which means that even if you’d potentially qualify for the exclusive app, you might still be stuck in the review process for longer than it would take to meet someone in real life.

Those who are simply looking for a classier alternative to the usual dating apps may be in for a bit of a shock during their first experience with The League, though. Word on the street is that the app has more rules than Fight Club.

Aside from the usual age range and radius we’ve all come to expect, you’re also able to set preferences regarding race, religion, education, and height. But unlike Tinder — where swiping left and right has just become the dating version of Candy Crush — you only get a handful of options from The League each evening, and you’ll get booted out (and have to pay to rejoin) if you go more than a couple weeks without logging in.

It seems like a pretty Type-A structure. But hey, if you’re young, successful, and picky, go ahead and give The League a try.
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