The Legacy of Grumpy Cat: Five More Meme Movies

At the beginning of the 20th century, when the art of filmmaking was in its infancy, audiences were content to look at moving pictures on a screen. Oncoming trains, bumbling cops, and whatever it was that the butler saw were all considered worthwhile entertainment. As the years went on, there was more of a demand for actual stories, so filmmakers started to create movies based on historical events, fables, and popular books.

Fast-forward to the 21st century. All the good ideas have now been made into movies, and Hollywood has become the snake that eats its own tail, constantly churning out remakes, sequels, prequels, and prequels to remakes of sequels. Movies based on Biblical tales and historical figures have been replaced by movies based on toys and board games. Just when we thought that the art could not debase itself any further, it was announced that a Grumpy Cat movie was going into production.

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For those of you not familiar with the Grumpy Cat, she is a cat who looks like she is frowning, and her pictures have inexplicably conquered the Internet. The implications of this news are staggering; Anything that is popular on the Internet could potentially become a feature length film. If Grumpy Cat the Movie does well, we could soon be seeing films like these.

Gangnam Style Agents of Kim Jong Un kidnap a beautiful young girl to become his bride, and South Korea's top secret agent must return from retirement to save her. Armed with only a pair of sunglasses, an invisible horse, and the strange ability to make people around him mimic his every move, Psy must infiltrate the dictator's heavily guarded fortress, save the girl, and defeat the villain in a climactic dance battle that will leave you speechless.

Double Rainbow Director Terrence Malick takes us on a psychedelic journey into the realms of the human soul. When a young man sees a strange vision in a national park, it leads him on a voyage of self-discovery that will ultimately help him to understand himself, his place in the cosmos, and the true nature of reality.

Chocolate Rain Actually, I'd rather not think about this one. At best, it would be a waste of perfectly good chocolate. At worst, ewww.

Keyboard Cat The classic rags-to-riches story, with a twist! A remarkable kitty is discovered playing piano in a seedy dive bar, and fame and fortune quickly follow. Will our feline friend lose himself in his newfound decadence, or will he remember what is truly important? Make sure to stay past the end credits, for a brief scene of Nick Furry asking our hero to become a member of the Catvengers project, setting up a cat-meme-crossover of epic proportions.

The Ninja Pop Star After a brief stint on the top of the charts, a promising musician suddenly drops from the spotlight, secluding himself and studying the ancient arts of invisibility. After more than a decade, he returns to the outside world, appearing wherever he is needed most.

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